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ASK+ Advanced Stop Bleeding Home Care Kit

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  • ASK+ Home Care Kit is an Advanced Stop-Bleeding kit which contains 6 units of Axiostat Haemostatic Dressings
  • Controls moderate to severe bleeding within minutes of application
  • Specially designed to stop bleeding from knife cuts in kitchen to head injuries, deep cuts, and major accidents at sport ground
  • 100% Chitosan based, non-toxic and completely safe to use
  • A Stop Bleeding Kit that can save the life during unforeseen injuries and severe bleeding from deep cuts
  • Must have in your home as an additional First Aid Kit

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ASK+ Advanced Home Safety Kit is a comprehensive range of quality first aid dressing to suit your needs. Accidents occur unexpectedly but ASK+ Advance Home Care Kit helps to control bleeding injuries which occur quite often with our families. Certified with global standards, Axiostat dressing works instantly to stop bleeding from minor to major cuts, lacerations, and abrasions. An affordable, easy to use, and compact First Aid responder kit perfect for the home, kitchen, sports, and whenever you are on the move, Axiostat is completely safe to be used on children as it’s made of a natural biopolymer called Chitosan with no toxic or cytotoxic effects.

ASK+ Advanced Stop Bleeding Home Care Kit contains 6 units of Axiostat of the following sizes:

  1. S44 : 5x5 cm : 2 units
  2. N22 : 2x2 cm : 2 units
  3. N14 : 1x4 cm : 2 units

Axiostat variants can be used as mentioned below:

  • S44 can be used to control severe bleeding such as arterial bleeding, head injuries, deep cuts, and punctures.
  • N22 can be used for moderate bleeding wounds.
  • N14 can be used to control bleeding from the nose which can happen during nose injuries or high altitude travel.


  • CE 2460 Approved
  • Sterile ready to use
  • Can be Cut, Folded, stuffed into deep wounds
  • Painless removal- Irrigate saline or water
  • No Known Side effects.

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    Natural Biopolymer(100% Chitosan)
    Where to use

    It can be used on:

    • Cuts
    • Lacerations
    • Abrasions
    • Head & Scalp Injuries
    • Deep cuts