Axiostat Dental Haemostatic Dressing

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Product Highlights

  • Stops Moderate to Severe Bleeding Instantly
  • It helps improve patient comfort during dental procedures as it is quick and easy to apply and painless to remove
  • It is effective on blood thinners and patients with congenital/ acquired coagulation disorders

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Rs. 580.00

Axiostat Dental is a quick-action and sterile dental haemostatic dressing that helps ensure that bleeding does not become unmanageable. The carefully designed porous structure of this bioactive haemostat quickly absorbs plasma, immobilizes the negatively charged blood cells, and consolidates the cellular and protein components at the bleed site. All this within 2-3 minutes of application! Not just that; it can be quickly and painlessly removed, without causing further trauma to the wound.

It is made of Biopolymer(100% Chitosan)

Ques 1. What is Axiostat made of?
Ans. Axiostat is made of a naturally occurring polymer known as Chitosan which is extracted from shellfish. It is then processed, purified, and sterilized to achieve the end product for patient use.

Ques 2. Is Axiostat safe to use in the oral cavity without causing any irritation and/or infection?
Ans. Axiostat is made of a 100% natural biopolymer and is entirely safe to use in oral cavities during tooth extractions or other Oro- dental procedures without the risk of any possible infection.

Ques 3. How easy is it to use Axiostat D11?
Ans. Axiostat comes in a sterile blister packaging and is available in a ready to use format. It can be applied directly at the bleeding site. Once the bleeding stops (within a few minutes), it can be removed and discarded.

Ques 4. Does Axiostat work on patients who are on blood-thinning drugs(Oral or Injectables)?
Ans. Axiostat works independent of natural clotting mechanism and is equally effective on patients who are on blood-thinning drugs.

Ques 5. Is Axiostat D11 able to control bleeding in patients having diabetes and proceeding with tooth extractions?
Ans. Yes, Axiostat D11 works on diabetic people as it has an independent mechanism of action to control bleeding that is not hindered by the mentioned co-morbidity.

Ques 6. How to remove Axiostat once applied?
Ans. Axiostat can be removed using saline or flushing with water. It will turn into a gel that can be easily peeled off. This is one of the major advantages of using Axiostat® as it allows the patient to be comfortable and at ease without causing any additional trauma to the previously bleeding site.

Ques 7. What if a patient mistakenly swallows Axiostat during application or removal?
Ans. As Axiostat is a natural biopolymer and is compatible with the human body. It will not cause any internal harm and can be excreted later, naturally.

How to use

Follow the steps:

  • Remove Axiostat Dental Haemostatic Dressing from the sterile pack
  • Place on the bleed site with mild compression for 2-3 minutes
  • Leave on bleed site for 10-15 minutes
  • Irrigate the site with water/ saline (room temperature)
  • Gently remove

The bleed has been successfully stopped with 80% reduced chances of rebleeding.

Where to use

It is recommended for:

  • Maxillofacial trauma
  • Oral surgeries
  • Oral biopsy
  • Extraction sockets
  • Flap surgery
  • Gingival bleeding
  • Multiple tooth extractions
  • Commando surgery & Tumour removal
  • Other Oral procedures
  • Drainage of excessive intra-dental abscess
  • Control bleeding due to incisions