SureKlot - Stop Bleeding Dressing Veterinary - Gauze

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Product Highlights

  • Controls Bleeding from Cuts & Bruises, Arterial & Venous Bleeding and Severe Injuries
  • Accelerates Wound Recovery process
  • Painless Easy Removal
  • Facilitates optimum and favorable conditions for tissue regenerative processes in the wound


SureKlot Gauze is a sterile bioactive hemostatic gauze dressing intended to be used to control severe external bleeding in animals within minutes of application by providing an active mechanical barrier to the bleeding site. SureKlot gauze contain chitosan, a biomaterial which has haemostatic and wound healing properties. SureKlot Gauze conforms to the wound and can serve as a primary or secondary dressing. SureKlot Gauze stops bleeding and protects wounds from Infection. It is an ideal product which can be included in the first aid kits for animals or pets such as dogs, cats and horses. It can also be used on animals infected by ticks, lice, maggots, mite or flea bites and is a must in every household due to its ease of application.

Key Benefits

  • Can be applied on wounds such as ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns and can also be stuffed into cavity or puncture wounds.
  • Controls Bleeding from Cuts & Bruises, Lacerations, Puncture and Severe Injuries
  • Rapid Wound Recovery
  • Painless Easy Removal
  • Reduces pain
  • Broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, antifungal and anti-infective
  • Prevents the scar formation
  • Reduces wound inflammatory condition
  • Can be used as a secondary dressing after treating with SureKlot powder or patch
    Natural Biopolymer(100% Chitosan)

    Ques 1. What are the advantages of using SureKlot?
    Ans. SureKlot range of wound care products are ready to use, accelerate the process of wound healing, stopped the bleeding instantly and are extremely easy even for a non-medical first responder to apply and remove.

    Ques 2. Is it toxic to animals?
    Ans. No. It is 100% non-toxic as it is made of natural biopolymer Chitosan.

    Ques 3. Can SureKlot Gauze be cut or folded prior to use?
    Ans. It can be cut into multiple pieces according to the wound size. It can also be folded and packed into actively bleeding wounds/cavity wounds.

    Ques 4. How easy is it to remove SureKlot Gauze?
    Ans. SureKlot Gauze can be removed easily by irrigating with saline or water

    Ques 5. Does one need prior training to use SureKlot?
    Ans. No. SureKlot usage is depicted on the packaging in an easy to understand way for a lay-man.

    Ques 6. What are the precautions that you need to take care while using SureKlot?
    Ans. SureKlot Gauze has a higher affinity towards blood and may stick to hands if not dry.

    Ques 7. What is size of SureKlot Gauze?
    Ans. 7.6cm x 50cm

    Ques 8. Is it allergic?
    Ans. There have been no known reported allergic reactions from the use of SureKlot. Chitosan used in SureKlot does not contain any protein or allergic components.

    How to use

    Follow the steps

    • Tear open the pack, Wrap SureKlot Gauze on the bleeding wound with uniform pressure
    • To remove, irrigate SureKlot Gauze with plenty of water or saline and unwrap it

    Safety Information:

    • Read the instructions carefully before use
    • Store at ambient temperature
    Where to use

    It can be used on:

    • Ulcers and other chronic wounds
    • Infected wounds and abscesses
    • Pus infection, paws infection, post skin disease management
    • Bite wounds
    • Burn wounds (1st and 2nd-degree burn)
    • Post-operative and surgical stitches wounds
    • Traumatic wounds